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Neem Karoli Baba Miracles

Baba is a Miracle and people around him still experience this Miracle even today after his Samadhi. Some of these experiences are presented here.

Immerse yourself in these incidences with his grace who knows you too might experience a Miracle.

(These incidences are reproduced from the books on Babaji, please refer the cover pictures of these books to know more)

English translation of above -FAREWELL TO SWAMIJI

A Swami, wearing silken robes, was going to Kathgodam by car, via Kainchi. He stopped at Kainchi Ashram and went in to meet Baba. Baba received him cordially and making him sit by his side provided him with food. After a long, and pleasant conversation, Baba bade him farewell with tears in his eyes. Baba gratified the Swami who was delighted at Baba's affectionate behaviour. The Swami got into the car and was driven away. After the Swami had gone, a devotee wanted to know the reason for Baba's exceptional behaviour towards him. Baba said, "His time was up. I sent him off with love." The Swami had hardly travelled an hour en route to Kathgodam, when he suddenly had a heart attack and died.