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NEED For BABA- Continued ...

Different Paths

In India, there have been a number of seekers who were able to reach level of Universal Consciousness. There are different routes to reach the ultimate goal, they are mainly:-

Bhakti Yoga -

Course of Devotion – This path of salvation is conducive for persons with emotional temperaments. Bhakti or devotion has a lot more meaning and significance than what is generally practiced- mere superstitious beliefs, superficial emotions and mechanical rituals. Predominantly,today’s bhakta are compelled to follow this path either worrying to preserve their possessions or craving to acquire more. In the twelfth chapter entitled Bhakti yoga, Bhagavad Geeta spells out thirty five characteristics of a bhakta (verses 13 to 20). The Lord accepts those who possess these qualities as his true devotee.

The real and earnest part of devotion is annihilation of ego, self effacement, and surrender. Surrender does not mean resignation, passivity or indolence. Nor it is an unintelligent acceptance of anything that comes your way. It also does not mean avoidance of efforts or action. One must perform once obligatory duties with detachment and selfless dedication.

Devotion is a form of love. When the fondness or affection is directed towards equals or lesserobjects or beings it is called ‘love’ – (Prem). When the same emotion is directed towards higher objects and beings its is called ‘devotion’ – (Param Prem)

Karam Yoga :

Course of Action – Karma Yoga is a spiritual course involving action. Actions are inevitably as old as Vasanas themselves. One is free to choose his actions – negative or positive. Negative actions are those that further augment the vasanas or desires. They cause one’s spiritual devolution. Positive actions reduce the vasanas, hence causes spiritual evolution. Positive action is explained in the thirteenth verse of chapter III of Bhagavad Geeta. The verse reads as: “Act dynamically surrendering all your actions to the Lord with your thoughts resting on the supreme Self. Let your actions be free from egoism, hope and feverish excitement.”

A perfect action which, leads a person to salvation is:

-Vigorous action with selfless dedication and identification with one’s inner Self.
-Insulating your action from worries of the past, anxieties of the future and the excitement for the present.

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