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NibKarori Baba Laxmandas ji, Maharaj ji

Nib Karori is a village located between Farrukhabad and Mainpuri in UP State. It has a railway station, Pincode 205302.
Farrukhabad Shikohabad Passenger/355B passes via this station, most trains do not stop here.

"In His fancy, a young 'yogi' carrying a chimta (a pair of tongs) and a 'kamandal' in his hand boarded a first class compartment of the Tundla bound train at Farrukhadab station. The train had gone a few miles when an Anglo Indian, T. T. E. came to check tickets and was taken aback to see a half-naked sadhu in the first class compartment. On demanding the ticket and getting a negative reply, he lost his temper and compelled the sadhu to get down at the next Neebkarori halt. The sadhu quietly sat under the tree and dugthe pair of tongs in the earth. The train got the green signal to leave. The engine started, but the train could not move an inch. The engine was put on full power, but the wheels turned round and round in their place. The engine was checked thoroughly and everything was found to be in order. Highly worried, the European guard came over to the driver and asked him about the problem. The driver could not point out any fault. Absolutely nothing was found to be the problem with the engine,but despite all the efforts engine would not budge.

By now it was time for some other trains to pass by on that track., Luckily, some Indian travellers suggested to the European guard to request the Sadhu Maharaj to board the train and only then it would move. They fretted and fumed but at last decided to allow the sadhu to travel by the train. They went to Babaji, apologized profusely and requested him to board the train. The good-humoured Baba said "if you say so, I shall oblige ." As soon as Babaji entered the compartment, the train started moving.

There is a beautiful temple at Nibkarori, see pictures below: here is the listing of his many temples

Babaji murti

Hanuman, Old pic and New

Entry to cave, normally locked

Cave where babaji did sadhana

This is link to Temple at his birth place

This is link to Temple at his Samadhi place

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