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Ancient sages in India have done ground breaking work in field of human freedom/ spirituality. They started by addressing basic questions like, Who Am I, where have I come from, where will I go (after death) ? Human life can be described as starting from a drop of water (semen) and ending with handfull of ashes. Neither the start nor the end is in human control, but strangely human mind has been somehow programmed to believe in strange ways that it can control everything.
Ultimate aim of human life is to get to the root of three basic questions posed in the previous para. Satsang is defined as time spent in the company of Truth, be it saint, books, nature etc. If you sit in company of fisherman or smoker you start smelling accordingly. Thus satsang is an important tool for spiritual progress. Satsang broadly can be categorised as any activity that furthers your progress towards the TRUTH/self realisation, the ultimate GOAL of human existence.
Satsang done rightly will slowly destroy one’s ignorance and one’s psychological distress. Whatever be the cost, however difficult it may be, whatever obstacles may stand in its way, satsang should never be neglected.
Internet has become a powerful tool for satsang, here you can share thoughts with Swamy Ganeshanand, CLICK on LINKS BELOW







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