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Education is apparent and worldly if it’s only used, to gain material possessions. For real education, which uplifts the soul spiritually, one must seek a true guru (teacher). Although books imparting this knowledge are available in plenty, one must take refuge of a true guru (the enlightened one).

To tread on the path to Moksha (Liberation), one needs the guidance and grace of an Enlightened Soul. But at the same time, all knowledge is easily available in books and on the internet and can be understood well by anyone with average intelligence. It is a natural question to ask "having acquiredall knowledge, why is there a need of going to a human being (guru) and surrender completely?”

It is a natural question to ask "having gained all knowledge, why is there a need of going to any human being and do total and complete surrender?"

It is vital to understand that only an already lit candle can a light another candle. The same way when we rub two pieces of wood together, the friction produces fire. Sun shines everywhere, but its reflections are possible only on surfaces with high reflective ,capacity, GURU is that reflective platform.

"To learn the truth concerning the great spiritual questions of life and the Hereafter there is only one way; direct communication with God's spirit messengers, who are the source of all spiritual truths."

Levels of Godliness

As we see in the world people are labeled according to the degrees obtained, similarly spiritual seekers are classified in 4 categories:

Sadhak (Beginner)- one who is getting or trying to get realization

Siddha (Empowered)- A siddha has also been defined to refer to one who has attained a Siddhi (physic powers). -Paranormal abilities - bhagavad-gita 7.3

Mahatma (Enlightened) - A person venerated for spirituality and high-mindedness. - MAHATATVA (beyond the nature of 5 elements)-bhagavad-gita 8.15

Sant (Saint)-The word “sant” or ‘BABA’ depicts an august personality such vast and unfathomable, that it is beyond the comprehension of an ordinary mortal. Only the spiritual seekers get a glimpse of this entity as they advance on the spiritual path. Saint is a Satpurush, which means one who does not suffer any imperfections or limitations that all other creations of God are subject to. God is only perfect and everything else is imperfect, therefore a “Saint” – a God realised soul is perfect like God himself.

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