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Why Neem Karoli Baba is So Special

The Great Baba

His devotees have known him and experienced his presence as an eternal life force in form or without. There are very few corporal facts but many numinous stories and experience from past and present narrated by his devotees. He seems to have been known by different names in many parts of India, appearing and disappearing through the years. His western devotees knew him as NeemKaroli Baba, or more commonly as “Maharajji”.

He gave no discourses; the briefest, simplest stories were his teachings. He was no more than the experience he stirred in his devotees, the nectar of his presence, the totality of his aura had a spiritually elevating and a heart-warming experience on one and all.

Great Saints don't have a human body, they are omnipresent. If a saint changes form, he elevates from the fetters and limitations of a human body. His soul now becomes available to his devotees all-the-time.

"I am everybody's guru."



(Service to co-beings leads to self-realization)

Baba is a Saint, he is one with the Universal Consciousness. He is free of all worldly attachments and material vices.

He had relinquished all his material possessions and elevated himself to be identified with the Supreme Soul..He IS and Always Has Been! Even now he is enchanting the hearts of millions of devotees in mysterious ways, spreading the message of service to humanity and love to all.

He used to say

“I am Like the Wind
Nobody can hold me
I belong to Everyone
No one can own Me”

Baba was known for His power for performing miracles, which were a speck of the powers he had. His earlier life, his penance to attain power to perform miracles, is still shrouded with mysteries.

He knew about everything, about every person who came in his contact. got his/her problems solved! He never preached.

He practised Sahaj Samadhi. His simple talks were nuggets of wisdom, which he has left behind for his followers.He used to say in this age of Kali, no other course to attain God is of any avail except, remembering and glorifying the name of God.

He never differentiated between people of any caste, creed or status. Love All, Feed All, Serve All was His message to the entire mankind. He taught that Love multiplies and comes back to you.

He used to say, ".Don’t think yourself to be a doer. It is the God’s Play, his sweet will, which makes things happen. Everything happens according to your PRARABDH, so always remember, 'as you sow, so shall you reap'.,Whoever works for God (conducts himself accordingly) or works with him (surrenders to God’s will), his work automatically gets done.

He used to say,

“I don’t do anything, God does everything”

…only an elevated soul can make a statement like that…

Baba NeemKaroli, My Great Baba is one with God, he has coalesced with the Universal Consciousness, which makes him to be one of the greatest mystic saint of the 20th Century.

He has, is and will be guiding and watching over us … that is the greatness of a True Guru.

As, My Great Baba said…

“Yad karne se ham aa jaate hain”

(Remember Me And I shall Come to You)

This suggests that My Great Baba is Omnipresent.

His simple teachings – Love All, Serve All and Feed All – i.e Service to Mankind is the simplest way to realise God!