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Neem Karoli Baba Did not Perform any Miracles, He IS a Miracle

Baba left Earth in Sept 1973 but continues to inspire/create global leaders..

Julia Roberts came to India and after seeing the pic of Neem Karoli what happened to her....CLICK HERE

How Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg became Baba s followers...CLICK HERE

How : Richard Alpert, an eminent Harvard psychologist after meeting baba is today Spiritual leader in USA..CLICK HERE.

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“All is impermanent but an integral part of the quest of every being”
  • Sukh (comfort) we find this in our daily lives by doing things like meeting friends, going for a movie, meeting celebrities and enjoying their companyfor a short period of time.
  • Shanti (Peace) absence of pain or pleasure calmness of the mind and the body
  • Khushi (Happiness) defined as happiness from the surroundings

Problems of Life- Sorrow/Dukha

All the problems faced in life can be basically categorised mainly in three types:
  • Adi bhautik (Physical)- Related mainly to body; e.g. hunger/thirst, snake bite, wars or fights with other living beings
  • Adi Devik (Divine)- Generated by Prakriti, e.g. Extreme weather, earthquake, excessive rain or lack of it
  • Adhyatmik (Spiritual)- Related to the Mental plane, e.g.anger, greed, infatuation, recurring doubts, infidelity etc.
These problems are also inter-related, eg. Persistent.Adhyatmik cause can turn to bhautik and vice versa. Or they could alsobe combined in a particular case leading to increased intensity. Human Beings are unaware of the starting point of this environment which actually initialises while they werein their mother’s womb. To explain MAHA RORAV NARAK the worst of the hells (pain) is to remain upside down in complete darkness and along with mal-mutra viz the natural wastes in lower abdomen for over 3 months.

How to End Misery/ Sorrow / Dukha

These are questions that have plagued the human mind since time immemorial. According to Sanatana dharma scriptures, even the creator of the Universe, Brahmaji, had the same set of questions. As there was nobody else to give the answers, he meditated to find the solution. . The knowledge thus acquired was written in the form of Vedas. Vedas are regarded as ‘Apurushay’ ie., not written by any human being -bhagavad-gita 15.15

The eternal solution to all these problems is to attain Moksha/ Salvation/ Liberation. Attaining Moksha will take one out of the vicious cycle of birth and death-(bhagavad-gita 9.8). Ancient scriptures describe several methods to attain Moksha.

In this world, human form is the only one with Karm Yoni, all other beings are all in Bhog Yoni. In other words, getting birth as a human is an immeasurable blessing. Only human beings are capable of attaining ecstasy (paramanand) or nirvana.