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BABA (saint)is the one who leads the created (mortal)to the creator(God). Being himself beyond the multiplicism and dualism of nature, He has the power to pull-out human beings from the limitations of nature imposed on them. A Sadguru both in His manifested bodily form (Sakara swaraoop) and His un manifested form ( Nirakara swaroop) works continuously for the spiritual elevation of his people.

Guru's can be of various levels, but they can’t lead a soul to God, sadhak may get some advancement which is defined by Guru's limitation/capacity.

Once a being (human), seeks the eternal quest – longing to come out of this vicious cycle of pleasure and sorrow – life & death, he starts to feel the need of someone who could show him the path. Without a Sadguru there is no spiritual progress. A seeker, no matter how much textual knowledge he has acquired from various spiritual books, can’t transform him to a higher state unless he has the grace of a Sadguru. It is so explained that a realised soul only can guide a seeker to get to the state of enlightenment, because a seeker cannot work towards a direction, which is unknown to him – only an already lit candle can light the other candles.

Both Sri Rama and Sri Krishna were incarnation of Lord Vishnu – the source of light where all knowledge takes refuge. Yet, just to endorse the importance of a Guru, they both went to the hermitage of their respective Gurus for a formal learning – Sri Rama went to Sri Vashishtha rishi ashram, while Sri Krishna seek Sri Sandipani rishi for formal education.

A man comes into contact with a Sadguru only as a result of accumulation of lots of good deeds done in the past lives. One can try to seek God by going from Guru to Guru but once the Sadguru comes to his life, he should end his search and surrender to him because he can only give God realisation to the seeker.

When one starts loving a Sadguru and establishes an internal contact with him, the divine love latent in his soul slowly comes out in all its manifestations.

Only realised souls know that the life under the protection of a Sadguru is much more joyous and meaningful than the so called life in the heaven, how-so-ever grand it may seem.

The Sadguru not only, raises the latent divine love in the ardent devotee but also, leads him towards God in a manner most convenient and befitting for that soul, by removing all the obstacles that may come in his way.

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