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This website is a humble tribute to Great Baba Neem Karoli,
One of the greatest Seers, Full of Love, Compassion and Miracles,
Website has been launched on his 37th Nirvana day,
Anant Chaturdashi (on 22 Sept, 2010)to spread his message and teachings. Neem Karoli Baba is unique,
He is considered to be one of the THREE Famed Indian Gurus of the 20th Century One of his disciple Swami Maheshwaranand attained Nirvana on 14 Dec. 2006.
Swami Ganeshanand (disciple of Swami Maheshwaranand) now continues his Love, legacy and teachings.
This website is to connect and serve all devotees who are in the lineage, and Love Baba Neem Karoli